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Easing your recruitment headache in 2022

The landscape for hiring has never been more challenging. If you were hiring during the (not so) glory days in April-June 2020, you will have seen a vast array of amazing people competing for your opportunities. In 2022, not so much – the onus is on you to work harder.

Recruiters (my fellow agency, and in-house) have a unique challenge ahead of us. If you are in-house, you are likely managing multiple live vacancies with very little time to proactively headhunt as you nurture the talent applying to your role (on 20+ vacancies), whilst finding the landscape tougher than ever. Difficult conversations with line managers who are wanting 5-10 CVs for a role where, quite simply, it is not your specialist area, and the talent is not so freely available.

We agency Recruiters meanwhile are navigating a market of opportunity and having to politely decline roles which are just not likely to be filled. Carefully choosing an appropriate portfolio of roles to ensure we are delivering the right service to our customers on both sides of the fence.

Why isn’t my PSL delivering?

It is a hot topic in the world of recruitment now, but of course it is – have you seen how busy it is? Now it doesn’t mean that your PSL agencies are rubbish, far from it, but how valuable is that PSL? Is it a series of restrictions, low fees, low communication levels and lengthy rebates? Do you go out to 3/ 4 similar agencies simultaneously and hope for the best? Do you have favourite, but you will use the other, begrudgingly when the market allows?

I am going to say it, if your PSL sounds like the above, the chance of your PSL filling your job in the current market is limited to say the least. Where you may have been promised a technical expert, knowledgeable in their area and solid database of top talent, the reality is that, at best, you’ll have a recruit, or someone who sucks at generating their own work, working on your “unfillable” role. Who knows, they may fill it but, trust me, it will be pure luck. And, let’s face it, in a market where it is difficult to hire talented Recruiters, why would the remaining staff focus on your unfillable role.

So, what can you do to make the role more fillable?

Quite simply, you need a market expert who can advise you on how best to market and fill your role, where you should be shopping for your talent and where they would advise you to be open to negotiation on your spec. Any Recruitment professional worth talking to in this market, will advise and walk away from a role where a fill does not seem likely. The reason? A lot of choice! Specialist Recruiters know their marketplace inside out, understand the demands/ needs of the individuals and the competition!

Trust me, your competition that are succeeding in hiring, are open to negotiation when looking into the eyes of the ideal person to enhance their business!

Are you frustrated and struggling to fill roles?

Trust me, speak to an industry/ sector/ location specialist. If you can see yourself working with them, work with them, size doesn’t matter (remember David & Goliath) but feel does. What is important, is ensuring the talent being introduced to your business is nurtured, well cared for and is excited by your role/ opportunity (and, if you are still thinking about this now, and you are a few weeks/ months deep, just do it), as the talent in the market is being hunted left right and centre. My advice do not get left behind!

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