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Do psychometric assessments add weight to your hiring process?

For leadership talent, it’s part of the interview process that can feel slightly uncomfortable. Especially when it is referred to as testing. What exactly are you testing? Is there a right or a wrong way to “test”? If you are assessed as a certain colour, are you ousted from the process?


Now I am not an expert in the matter, but I did rope in my good friend @dannywareham who just so happens to be a business psychologist, and a master of his craft, to support on this topic. There are a couple of considerations to make before introducing these assessments into your process.


Does the assessment tell you something that an interview can’t?


When we think of Leaders/ Directors we often think red – they are the risk takers, purposeful, quick to action, full of energy types. It is easy to recognise a “red” through an in-depth interview. By talking through achievements and what/ why/ how they got there, and their approach you can very quickly recognise a “red” vs a “blue” who traditionally takes a more analytical approach. Again it is easy to recognise a blue, yellow or green, or someone who displayed behavioural characteristics of more than one through interview.


What are you looking for when doing these assessments?


If the people sat in your SLT/ C-Suite are all red profiles, would it concern you hiring a blue? I think the world has realised the value of having a diverse and inclusive workforce from the very beginning. Different styles/ approaches of people who challenge one another to come up with great new ideas. The same is when it comes to psychometric assessments, are you trying to hire like for like, or hire for your blind spots? Interviews can be challenging as we tend to value traits, we recognise in ourselves. If you are an extrovert, driven by action, you may value this in a potential hire. Does a psychometric assessment support you in your aim to add more diversity to your team and prevent you being attracted to another carbon copy of yourself?


The validity of a psychometric assessment.


On a different day, in different circumstances would the results be the same. A psychometric assessment is simply an assessment of us in that moment in time, in a high-pressure interview scenario could we change? Or do we overthink our answers to attempt to fit a certain persona?

. We know that often people move roles proactively during a time where their circumstances have changes in some way, for example, divorce/ becoming a parent and people’s psychometric profiles often change during these times. So, is it worth including if it is valid for a mere moment in time? However, it is important to note, that this exists during the interview as well as people may act differently in a high-pressure scenario.


Psychometric assessments can be valuable in supporting us to think differently, by purposefully hiring for someone who may fill our own blind spots, by adding in team members whose approach opposes your own.


Working with the right, trusted talent partner, who takes the time to really understand your business strategy, team, department, SLT, you can achieve arguably achieve the same results negating the need for the psychometric assessments.


Interested in a further discussion around Psychometric assessments, or hiring for your team?


Drop a note to and I will be happy to support.

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