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About Us

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About Us

We’d be lying if we said that sometimes the process of hiring can seem deflating. Creating an exciting advert, holding suitable interviews, giving detailed feedback, and sometimes, all for a candidate to turn to another job. Leaving you wondering, where did we go wrong with the vacancy or company?

Our experience in recruitment has equipped us with the knowledge of how recruitment processes should be. We are recruiters who have been there, done it before, and most importantly, are still doing it. We know the market inside and out, and the hiring process like the back of our hands and that’s what makes us best placed to help you secure that desired candidate.

At Sudale Search, we are dedicated to our customers and focus on absorbing ourselves into our customer’s business, culture, and values. This way, we have a strong understanding of your company and what you are looking for and can carry out each step of the process with a superior level of detail.

If you’re looking for a job, we delve into your background, understanding your motivations, career goals and what is really important to you for your next role. We will work together to find you your dream job! 

Unlike other companies, our goal is simple; we don’t want to fulfil a quote or achieve a KPI; instead, we want to fill a vacancy with the perfect person. Think of Sudale Search & Select, as simple as click and collect, only we deliver!


With over 30 years’ experience recruiting into Contact Centre, Customer Service, sales, CX and Business support roles we can support you will several key hires across the business.

Examples of roles we recruit into (Nationally), across all industries with a strong footprint in Financial Services, Tech and Retail.


Contact Centre/ Customer Service:

Contact Centre Director

Heads of Operations (Sales, Service, Fraud, QA, Complaints)

Operations Manager (Sales, Service, Fraud, QA, Complaints)

Team Managers

Customer Service Director

Head of Customer Service

Customer Service Manager


 Customer Experience

Customer Experience Director

Head of Customer Experience

Programme Management/ CX transformation

CX Consultant

Customer Journey Manager

Data & Insights